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Stop wasting time on relationships that aren’t going anywhere!


“Did you know that 80 percentage of relationships end in less than 4 months!”

Here is the problem that you face:

You want a long-lasting relationship but you’ve been single for so long that you don’t know where to start or even know WHERE nor WHO your ideal man is. You feel that you are not good enough and always put yourself last. Your anxiety is affecting your self-confidence; therefore, you have fears of dating or being in a relationship again. You have being in toxic relationships and you have been hurt. You are worried about not being able to find love again and you are worrying about being alone. You’ve already tried all of the stuff that the ‘experts’ say, but nothing has worked, and you’re seriously reaching the end of your chain.

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Luckily for you, there’s now a solution, let me introduce to what our program that will change your life:

Learn How To Use Your Own Power + Inner Beauty to Magnetize a high-Quality Man, Without Trying Hard To Get Their Attention, So You Can Finally find Long-Term Happiness.
Learn New Skills NOT JUST to Lead to the Love of Your Life, But Also to Improve Your Relationships Tremendously All Round, So You Can Finally Feel A Sense Of Security.
Learn How To Resolve Your Negative Thoughts About Yourself; So You Can Finally Shine Your Inner Light And Strength Forward.
Learn How Resolve The Feelings Of Shame And Rejections, So You Can Finally Break Out Of Your Shell And See Life In Bright Colours, Which Means You Will Never Settle For Less Again.
Learn How To Rebuild Your Self-Confidence And Standards, So You Can Finally Differentiate Between Healthy And Toxic Relationships, Which Means You Will Never Fall Back Into The Old Cycle Of Unhealthy Relationships.

You might ask why work with me?

Because I’ve been the girl who made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

The girl who felt completely lost in relationships but who then went on a mission to learn everything that she could, to find out about men, relationships, commitment, so that I could stop making the same old tired mistakes. I have spent years to know myself worth in order to find the relationship I deserve.

Reaching a point where I felt that I was never good enough or I would never be able to find the one. I was alone and suffered from depression.

I was left with no choice but find a way to solve myself- confidence and self-worth through my relationships healing approach. I am now using my own lived experience and my clinical training to help others and walking with them through the healing path.

And I discovered what the number one reason was for me not attracting and keeping love in my life. And I want to share all those answers & secrets with you

100% Results Guarantee – we don’t stop working with you until you succeeded and achieved your goals (of course, you have to have done the work, completed the assignments, and followed the process)

Due to high demand (and my commitment to offer personalized service to all my clients). I have limited spots available each month.
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Never thought I could feel this good about myself!

"Hi my name is Lisa and I’ve been on a journey of self discovery for a little over a year now and have followed many coaches. What drew me to Samar is her focus on bettering ourselves. It’s not just “say this” or “do that” it’s how to truly become happier with yourself and learn to love yourself. This is not a one trick pony or a temporary fix. This is life changing stuff!"

- Lisa Michelson

I found my Authentic Self through Samar

"I found Samar Raman a few years back when I realised that I didn't have many healthy relationship models to learn from and that I didn't know how to have a healthy relationship without self-sabotaging or over-giving.

Samar’s Coaching helped me build a Positive Mindset about myself and about relationships. A year after starting samar’s work and practicing her tools along side her Incredible support, I met my now husband and we are happily married! YAYYYY!!!

Thank You Samar for all the Positivity and Joy you have helped bring into my life."

- Mina Adams

Samar Has inspired me

"Samar is an inspirational and brave lady , who I had the pleasure to work with her. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Her guidance comes from years of experience, you couldn’t be in safer hands. She will walk you through your healing journey."

- Emily Bryant ... Executive Manager

Best Vision of Yourself

"Samar’s courage , optimistic and trusting nature immediately makes you feel at ease and safe to discuss potentially sensitive and painful matters. She encourages and supports you to be the best possible version of yourself both personally and professionally. She helps find yourself again and feel valued."

- Elizabeth Stevens - university student

Gained my self-confidence Back

"When it comes to life-changing events, it is important to have someone that cares about you and wants you to reach your full potential, that's what Samar Raman has done for me. She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share her expertise widely. I have continued to grow and found my confidence again."

- Rachel Smith - Supervisor at Close

Healing from inside

"When I have met with Samar , I was in a distressed place. On the outside I appeared to be a driven, focused, holding it together single mother of three with a full time career. Inside , I was falling apart and feeling hopeless. It is notable that my circumstances haven't really changed all that much. I still have challenging children and a full time job. I’m my heart , before I have started working with Samar , I was suffering from constant anxiety, anger, depression, and pain. Now , there is peace. 

Along this journey I have healed my pain that I did not know were ruling my decisions. I have been to therapists before but working with Samar is different and helped me heal. The healing is deep and the positive results come quickly."

- Suzan R - Teacher